Beyza / semi-hiatus.
I am drunk with the wine of me, intoxicant of my own being.

LadyGagaGROUND CONTROL from Istanbul! FINALLY I’m with my beautiful Turkish Fans! And o boy were they ready at the airport, thank you for the hugs and cheers you gorgeous kids! 🐾 Up

LadyGaga: #artRaveIstanbul They broke the steel barricades, don’t mess with monsters. 👯

LadyGagaMy suite in Istanbul is simply sensational. Incredible space, design, views and luxury. Look at this chocolate wheel, grand piano and flowers. I’ll be writing some songs while I’m here!

LadyGagaThey even left a sweet note for Miss Asia, next to a beautiful puppy bed, food and silver bowls. Ultimate elegance, a million thank yous I feel like a princess. 🌹